Process Industry

Body Casting

80 NB BV Body Castings ( NAB to NES 747 Part II)

Body Casting

150NB BV Body Machined Casting ( Nab to C95800)

Stainer Casting

4" Y strainer Flanged Body (NAB to C 95800)

Connector Castings

80 NB Connector Castings ( NAB to NES 747 Part II)

NAB Globe Valve

Nab Globe Valve Casting

NAB Bonnet

NAB Bonnet Casting

Ball Casting

Machined Ball Valve Casting

Reducer Fully Machined

DN300xDN250 - Reducer Fully Machined

GM Impeller

GM Impleller Casting


80 NB BV Connector

BV Body

80 NB BV Body

BV Body

80 NB BV Body

Drum Head Casting

48" Drum Head Casting - LM6

Drum Head Casting

36" Drum Head Casting - LM6

BV Body Machined

40mm BV body Machined

Disc Casting

36" - Disc Casting

Disc Casting

18" NAB - Disc Casting

Disc Casting

24" NAB - Disc Casting

Body Casting

10" NAB Valve Body

Strainer Casting

NES 747-Y Strainer Body casting

Reducer Casting

PB2 Reducer Casting